September 29th, 2012

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Мёллер (1933). Наука прошлого и настоящего и чем она обязана Марксу/ Muller (1933): Marxist Science

ABSTRACT. A publication of a paper by Hermann Joseph Muller (1890 – 1967), an American geneticist, political activist of leftist leanings, and Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine of 1946 (also, see his bio at In 1932-1940 Muller worked outside the United States, including his tenure in the Soviet Union as Senior Geneticist at the Institute of Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, first in Leningrad (1933-1934) later (1934-1937) in Moscow. The following publication originally came out in Russian in 1933 under the title Nauka proshlogo i nastoiashchego i chem ona obiazana Marksu [The Science of the Past and the Present and What it Owes to Karl Marx] in a volume Marksizm i estestvoznanie [Marxism and Natural Sciences]. Moscow: Partizdat, 1933, pp. 204-207. The scan of the whole original book is pretty much downloadable.

X. Д. МЕЛЛЕР, проф. Техасского университета
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Источник: Марксизм и естествознание. М.: Партиздат, с. 204-207. -- Качать здесь.