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Vygotsky/Vigotski/Выготский in Argentina

Vygotsky: Alive and Well in Argentina.
Moll, Luis C.; Rosa, Alberto; Blanck, Guillermo. PsycCRITIQUES. 12 (Dec 1985): 968.

Abstract (summary)

Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 1985, Vol 30(12), 968. Reviews the book, Vigotski: Memoria y Vigencia edited by Guillermo Blanck (1984). Several volumes examining various aspects of Vygotsky's ideas have been published recently or are currently in preparation. This edited book is a new contribution to this rapidly increasing literature. The book is intended as an introduction to Vygotskian theory and as an examination of Vygotsky the human being. In sum, we find the book praiseworthy. The editor has prepared a fine anthology that provides the reader, whether a student or an established researcher, with an informative, fresh, and varied introduction to Vygotsky and his ideas.

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Adriana Silvestri. Introducción

Psicología, cultura y educación
Perspectivas desde la obra de Vigotski

José Antonio Castorina - Silvia Dubrovsky (comp.)
Ricardo Baquero, Dominique Colinvaux, Alberto Rosa Rivero, Claudia da Costa Guimaraes Santana, Andrés Santamaría Santigosa, Adriana Silvestri, Vera María Ramos de Vasconcellos
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Отвечу на любой вопрос про Льва Выготского. tema: Июньский фуршет


В одном ответе не прошли ссылки на бесценные источники по истории Выготского распространенья по планете. Сохраняются здесь:

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ну и ты ды.

Кстати, в Японии давняя история с Выготским развивается, и очень давно уже как, только об этом никто не знает, а надо бы. Никак руки не доходят разобраться. Пока что ограничимся

- Япония (Japan): табличкой публикаций нашего персонажа в переводах - http://www.voppsy.ru/journals_all/issues/1996/965/965137.htm: чуть ли не половина списка на японском!

- Япония (Japan): HU Jinsheng. A Rudimentary Study of Japanese Scholars' Research on Vygotsky. Journal of Liaoning Normal University(Social Science Edition) 2000-04
Vygotsky is a wellknown psychologist in the former USSR.His social,cultural and historical theory drew the close attention of scholars of psychology in many countries.Japanese scholars also showed great interest in this theory.There are three stages in Japanese scholars' research on Vygotsky.The first stage is introduction and initial evaluation.The second stage is further study and enlargement of relevant fields.The final stage is active study in the field of cognition and reevaluation.The theory not only promoted localization and internationalization of Japanese psychology,but also accelerated the development of Japanese basic psycological theory.In recent years,there has been a heated debate over whether Vygotsky's theory is a theory of activity,which is a hot issue in the field of psychology in Japan.

- Китай (China): ZOU Xiao yan. “Vygotsky Craze” and its Enlightenment to the Educational Reform in China. Journal of Liaoning Normal University(Social Science Edition) 2001-04
There has been a “Vygotsky Craze” worldwide in recent years.Its enlightenment to the educational reform in China is as follows:first,to create an environment in which peers communicate with each other and promote their cooperative learning;second,to stick to the principle of leading education and exert teachers' important role;third,to change traditional educational assessment method and strengthen process assessment and dynamic assessment.