May 21st, 2009

About Vygotsky and Wundt possible relationships.


I'm Brazilian and don't know English very well, and Russian even worse, ok?

Well, excuse me for take your precious time, but: can you help me by indicating something about Wundt and Vygotsky relationships? Do you know, I have studied a little about history of Brazilian psychology, and there was a psychologist here that wrote books similar to the Vygotsky's ones, not necessarily in epistemic orientation, of course, but in structure of topics and semantic fields of them. However these Brazilian psychologist publications were some years before Vygotsky´s ones... He was called Manoel Bomfim (1868-1932) and wrote "Pensar e dizer" ("To think and to say" in the infinitive mode), book dated from 1923 - title similar to "Thinking and Speech" (1934)... But I don´t have the files yet, it is a rare work - and I don´t know even the book structure. But there was even, for instance the title "Noções de psicologia" ("Notions of psychology") - wrote in 1916, very, very similar, in structure of topics, to "History of the development of Higher psychological functions" (1931) by Vygotsky, including the final chapter with the positioning of personality as a superior synthesis of psychics funtions. This was something that we find in Wundt too, see "Grundiss der Psychologie" ("Outlines of psychology") (1897) - Bomfim was a Wundt's follower...

Do you think that could be any important relation between Vygotsky and Wundt? Do you think this few little clues that I have, can be something relevant to further historical investigation, in terms of common historical sources to international psychology at that years (1900-1930s)?

Excuse me about my naive questions. If you have already something writed about to pass to me, I thank you very much, if you not I thank you even so, about your patience.

Большое спасибо.
До свидания.

From Brazil.

PS. If you can read my English and want/prefer to post in Russian, please do it, I can easily ask for help from my Russian teacher, she is Russian native speaker - and I can translate with dictionaries help too. Thank you very much.

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в лесах бразилии много много тестов айкью

уважаемый мануэл бомфим, упомянутый в недавнем посте, учился в париже у альфреда бине. бине не очень давали развернуться во франции, зато бомфим так успешно внедрял айкью тесты в бразилии, что у них наступило катaстрофическое падение успеваемости и выпускаемости. дальше случилось забавное..

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